Mar 19, 2018

Another day, another successful event. On 18th March, 2018, Alfa Beta organized PTE-A day for students at Alfa Beta itself, so they could learn and understand about PTE-A and its various aspects. The event started from 11 am onwards and the mass of students increased as the vent proceeded. This day was organized to promote PTE-A among students and to give them a firsthand knowledge about the learning environment at Alfa Beta.  Students planning to study abroad and those who were confused about PTE-A, were very eager to learn and attend the demo classes and the comprehensive workshop. The event also had workshops hosted by Pearson certified instructors who explained every aspect of the test minutely. Students who enrolled for PTE-A classes that day received a heavy discount and the quiz session we had in stored for the students saw many participants excited to win the exciting gift hampers.  Overall the event was a grand success and very informative for the students.