Bridging the Gap

May 01, 2018

This year also thousands of students from inside and outside the valley enrolled in Alfa Beta Bridge Course to stay one-step ahead of everyone. The entrance preparation classes we provided were designed for students to easily adjust in the world of higher education, which can be tricky for some students, and our comprehensive courses aimed at helping them to better understand the higher education system, they have to face after they graduate from school. Every Friday we hosted weekly exams and the students who scored high in those exams were rewarded. By doing this, we believed that they get motivated and worked even harder to score better.

At Alfa Beta, we not only want to see them prosper in their academics but also encourage them to develop their personality and showcase their talents. For that, along with bridge course classes we also conducted various ECA’s programs such as quiz competition, talent hunts, Pictionary, spelling competition, essay writing, and invited guest lecturers to motivate them, so the students can have fun while still gaining valuable lessons and experience.